Who We Are

St Clara's Concepts is a fashion line in Ibadan that manufactures handbags, targeted at males and females within all age range. Our products come in different sizes and colour and is fit for all sort of occasions.
Handbags are unique bags carried on the shoulder or in hand, and these products are often designed to accommodate a large amount of contents. Stats have it that the four most popular handbag styles, in terms of the number of internet search queries, are totes, clutches, saddlebags and satchels.
Our business will not only develop a unique fashion line, but also to support it extensively with advertising and promotion campaigns. We plan to solidify our partnership with retailers by establishing brand awareness and creating a massive corporate identity in the fashion and luxury industry.
The fashion trend in the city of Ibadan and Oyo State at large is changing with the times as many people are now open to trying out something different. This is where we come in with our innovative bag design. We have incorporated existing ideas which will be infused with our own unique hand bag making skills and the result has been the roll-out of eye-catching innovative products.
Our plan is to market our product through our diverse marketing strategies, exclusiveness, and high brand awareness. We plan to build a fashion line that is classy, innovative, upscale, versatile, and not too expensive. We have created a diverse promotional plan that includes a range of marketing communications.

What you will get

Unique handbags, style and quality. We always want to add to the comfort, convenience and style of our customers, because they are a central part of St. Clara Concepts.